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About Termites


Termites do over a billion dollars in damage to homes across the US every year. Weather conditions here in South Florida are perfect for many different types of termites. Highland Pest Control preforms several different termite treatments allowing customers to choose the right treatment plan to protect their homes or businesses.

Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites eat dry, sound wood member ranging from wood framing, roof trusses, crown molding, cabinets, doors, and even furniture. Typically pellets (frass) or termite swarmers are homeowners first sign that there home or business is under attack by Drywood Termites. Highland Pest Control offers many treatment solutions for
Drywood Termites including:

      If no current infestation is present, Highland Pest Control can apply termicide barriers to help prevent future invasions.

      Localized Treatment-
      Localized Drywood Termite treatment are best suited for small areas that are readily accessible. This treatment is typically used if infestation is detected very early or until a full treatment can be performed.

      “No Tent” Treatment-
      “No Tent” treatments involve treating current Drywood termite infestation, as well as applying termicide through out the structure to prevent or stop further spread of current infestation. Customers may stay in homes or business during “No Tent” treatment. No Tent treatments are best suited for townhomes and condos where Tent Fumigation is not possible, or small readily accessible infestations are present.

      Tent Fumigation-
      Tent Fumigation is the most effective Drywood Termite treatment. The Fumigants used in tent fumigation are gases in which leave no residual in home or on personal items after completed. Fumigants penetrate all areas of structure including areas otherwise inaccessible, such as: subflooring, framing, and stained or painted wood. Highland Pest Control can also treat with preventative termicides after fumigations are completed, giving maximum Drywood Termite protection.

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Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites are South Florida’s most destructive termites. Subterranean Termites live in the soil and enter homes and businesses from the ground. Typically colonies have several hundred thousand members, which causes extreme damage in very short amounts of time. Highland Pest Control offers Liquid Barrier Defense for prevention and active Subterranean Termites infestations.

      Highland Pest Control can surround your home with a Termidor Barrier protecting your home from future invasions. Call today to get your home protected.

      Active Infestations-
      Highland Pest Control can stop termites from destroying your home with Termidor, the #1 Subterranean Termite treatment method. Termidor has virtually no odor and work with a Transfer Effect to wipe out Subterranean Termite colonies. Transfer Effect works by termites passing through the undetectable Termite Barrier, picking it up and carrying it back to other members of the colony. This causes complete elimination of the colony.

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